General Information

Siavelis & Associates Law Office provides high quality legal services, offering safe solutions to contemporary problems encountered by businessmen, companies and individuals. Professional infrastructure, faith in the institutional role of the counsel for the defence and personal contact with the client are the Law Firm’s grounds of action. The cooperation with the Notary of Athens Vassiliki - Stavroula Spanopoulou is another advantage for our clients, since in the same workplace there is the opportunity to seek immediate advices and notary services.

Siavelis & Associates Law Office has excellent professional and technical infrastructure and assumes all Civil and Commercial Law cases through judicial proceeding or out-of-court. Experience in defending all kinds of Criminal Law cases and in particular experience in contemporary forms of the economic crime and conflicts between companies as well as conflicts between government audit structures and companies/individuals has designated Siavelis & Associates Law Firm as an expert in Criminal Law and Administrative-Tax Law.

Nikolaos Siavelis being at the head of the Law Firm have chosen an extended team of permanent associates who contribute to the successful representation of all cases. Our associates/lawyers are distinguished for their professional experience and education while they have the assistance of experts and technical advisers.

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